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Cindy works with Foundations and Families to:

  • Weave grantmaking and impact investing into a comprehensive philanthropic portfolio

  • Cultivate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for philanthropic projects

  • Build and manage strategic program initiatives and collaborative partnerships

  • Enhance capacity and infrastructure for foundations and family philanthropy


Philanthropy is both rewarding and challenging. Making effective community investments is a complicated process that requires vision, the right strategies and ongoing relationships. You have the interest and motivation; I can help you move from ideas to successful implementation, helping to translate passion into effective strategy for change.


Effective philanthropy requires the same expertise, clear objectives, due diligence and accountability as any other successful financial investment. Think of me as a Philanthropic Investment Advisor, helping you use the full potential of your philanthropic options...


“She knows the philanthropic community inside and out, is truly an innovative thinker who bases her innovation in comprehensive understanding of community need.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cindy in a formal capacity and informally she’s been an incredible advisor over the last decade—I never make a significant move without her consultation!  She’s very, very highly respected in our community and brings her wealth of relationships and experience to any initiative in which she’s involved.”


Throughout my career in philanthropy, I’ve had the chance not only to develop and build programs and organizations but also to learn from others working in the nonprofit sector in Colorado.  Supporting philanthropy over the years I have:


  • Created funding initiatives that capture research and innovation.

  • Developed ongoing programs built on best practice and successful outcomes.

  • Examined important community issues and looked for the best ways to make an impact, using the right tool for the challenge.

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