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What others say about Cindy:


“She knows the philanthropic community inside and out, is truly an innovative thinker who bases her innovation in comprehensive understanding of community need.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cindy in a formal capacity and informally she’s been an incredible advisor over the last decade—I never make a significant move without her consultation!  She’s very, very highly respected in our community and brings her wealth of relationships and experience to any initiative in which she’s involved.”



“She works hard to hold the big picture in mind while accomplishing

all of the tasks along the way that lead to success.”


"After working with Cindy for many years, I value her relationships in the community and her expert advice. As we continue to grow the Foundation, I trust her to bring us solid strategy considerations and thoroughly researched funding recommendations.  She is an important part of our ongoing work, and I consider her an integral part of our team.  She is reliable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with." 



“Cindy is a philanthropy expert. She takes extra effort to make sure she is informed of the

latest trends and best practices.  I always know I can trust her and that she will

present a different point of view or new ideas.”



"It is a privilege to work with Cindy Willard.  Not only is it guaranteed work of high quality, but it also

offers ongoing learning and professional growth.  Cindy's familiarity wtih the nonprofit community,

nonprofit best practices and topical areas such as hunger, homelessness and health, brings

tremendous strengths to her work. As someone who works in a variety of fields with nonprofits in

metro Denver and statewide, I find myself often going to Cindy for critical analysis and recommendations. Cindy's effective communication ensures that any professional working with her is able to utilize work done together over a longer period of time."

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