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Comprehensive Portfolio


Tools to support effective philanthropy, include social impact bonds, grantmaking, program-related investments, mission-related investing, impact investing, capacity building and collaborations among others. I support the full potential of your philanthropic investment capacity by looking closely at the issues that matter most to you and then recommending the right combinations of tools for each issue.  




Effective philanthropy doesn't happen in isolation. It is built upon a sound understanding of issues, organizations and communities along with up-to-date information on changing systems.  Being connected to others in the field creates opportunities to leverage what works and to share what is learned.  I have strong relationships in the community that generate ideas and partnerships to increase impact.


Entrepreneurial Thinking


There are new ways to create thriving communities and tackle big issues. Social enterprise is changing the way we look at nonprofits and businesses, and governments are using pay-for-success models with market capital to solve social problems and create return on investments. We can construct innovative philanthropy that builds in smart risk and the ability to learn while supporting innovation in partner organizations.


Philanthropy is both rewarding and challenging.  Making effective community investments is a complicated process that requires vision, the right strategies and ongoing relationships.


You have the interest and motivation; I can help you move from ideas to successful implementation, helping to translate passion into effective strategy for change.


Effective philanthropy requires the same expertise, clear objectives, due diligence, and accountability as any other successful financial investment. Think of me as a Philanthropic Investment Advisor*, helping you use the full potential of your philanthropic options.  I focus on working with organizations and individuals to plan your giving strategy, identify tools and tactics, assess organizations and opportunities, and measure impact. We can explore the right strategies for different issues and bring the right tools for each project.



I offer comprehensive services that can include:

  • Articulating values-based mission and goals

  • Identifying opportunities for impact 

  • Creating a comprehensive philanthropic portfolio

  • Structuring and monitoring strategic initiatives

  • Building and managing infrastructure for giving programs 

  • Supporting collaborations and building partnerships that leverage investments

  • And, when appropriate, supporting implementation, and managing long-term projects and programs



Rely on my experience and knowledge of philanthropy to help guide your work.  I am based in Colorado, and work both locally and nationally with clients. Learn more about current and completed projects.


* I do not provide financial planning, tax or legal advice.  I work with CFA, CFP, CPA, attorneys and other licensed professionals to coordinate services, and I encourage individuals and organizations to consult with their team of advisors.

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